Really Great You-Tube Videos:

Barbara H Sternwheel Towboat

Really Great Sites:

Political Islam ... Best Source for Education about Islam
American Minute ... Best American History Source
John's Nautical and Boatbuilding Links ... See The Mother of All Maritime Links
Marine Traffic: Worldwide Ship Locations Great Info, all ships
Livetracker: Worldwide Ship Locations ... click a ship for details
Marine Traffic: Worldwide Ship Locations ... very similar to the link above
World Port Source - Waterway Systems ... great source of info worldwide
Great Lakes, Welland Canal, Saint Lawrence Seaway Vessel Locator ... Navigation, Vessel Transit, Order of Turn info!
Boatnerd ... Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping Info Bonanza!
Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center ... River Data Galore, including great photos, for most states and Mississippi, Illinois, & St. Croix rivers
Audubon Society's Great River Birding Trail ... Maps, Photos, Parks, etc..super well done site
National Biological Information Infrastructure Unbelievable source of information on animal & plant species to be encountered on your voyage!
Geographic Names Information System U.S. Geological Survey ... Query or Download
American Practical Navigator ... National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
U.S. Naval Observatory
The Astronomical Almanac
USACE Navigation Data Center ... Useful data
U.S. Census Bureau Gazetteer: 2000 & 1990 ... More data ... Everything you need to Build Your Own Website
NASA Hubble Telescope ... Beyond what the human eye can see The Universe
NASA Earth Observatory (Blue Marble) ... Our small planet Alone In The Universe ??

Ships, Vessels, and Boats Photo sites

USACE Vessel Fact Sheets - Great Pics of USACOE boats!
USACE Floating Plants, Mobile District - Great pics of USACOE Floating Plants
Newest USACE Floating Plant Lawson - Pics of the Lawson being built
Boat Photo Museum by Dan Owens - Galleries for the Inland Marine Industry
Towboat Photography by Jeff L. Yates - Galleries for the Inland Marine Industry
Dick's Towboat Gallery by Richard Dunbar - Beautiful Work Boats that carry the nation's lifeblood!!
Dick's Riverboat Gallery by Richard Dunbar - Beautiful Boats other than towboats and tugboats!!
Boatnerd Online Photo Galleries ... Huge Collections of Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping Vessels!
Fish Tugs of The Greatest Lake ... A fisherman's perspective & photo gallery of Lake Superior's Fishing Boats
Jim Shead's Boats of the Inland Waterways of the UK .....Boats on the inland waterways of the UK
USCG National Vessel Documentation Center
NOAA Vessel Documentation Search by Name

River Industry sites

USACE Navigation Information Connection ... see the Towboat Locator!
River Industry Bulletin Board - All Inclusive & Great!
Waterways Journal - General Info, great towboat links, on Inland Waterways
Shipbuilding History - Extrememly Inclusive and worth a look
B & M Midstream Barge Services - Serving the Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers

General Boating & Safety sites

Federal Boating Regulations
Outdoor Life - links to Depts. of Natural Resources for Every State!
Alabama Boating Regulations
Kentucky Boating Regulations
Tennessee Boating Regulations
Navigation Rules Online U.S. Coast Guard
Navigation Information USACE Louisville District
Navigation Information USACE Mobile District
Navigation Information USACE Nashville District
U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety
Boat Safe
Commander Bob's Boating Safety Page
North American Safe Boating Campaign
Boating Safety Guide from Tripbuzz
The International Maritime Rescue Federation
Home Hazards

Sea Scouts
Young Marines
Animated Knot Page
Types of Sailboats
NOAA Weather
Hail Basics
Preparedness - Floods & Flash Floods
Preparedness - Severe Thunderstorms
Preparedness - Tornadoes
Preparedness - Lightning
Preparedness - Unexpected Emergencies
National Parks, Camping Reservations, Boating, etc.
Alabama State Parks
Kentucky State Parks
Tennesse State Parks
Corps Lakes Gateway

Living Lands and Waters Organization
Ocean Conservancy Organization
River Conservancy Organization
Southern Woods & Waters
Boat U.S.
Sea Tow

Just For Kids !!

USACE River Adventure Game
US Army Corps of Engineers, "Kids Corner" ..... Online Fun + Education!
Safe Boating Kidsite Central ..... More Fun & Education!
Boat Safe Kids Questions! ..... More Fun & Education!
Preparedness and Kids.....Fun & Games +
Preparedness Coloring Book.....Best Coloring Book Yet!
Kids Questions About Lightning
Kids and Lightning by National Geographic
Thunderstorms Coloring Book.....Fun Coloring!
Tornadoes Coloring Book 1.....Fun Coloring!
Tornadoes Coloring Book 2.....Fun Coloring!
Tornadoes Coloring Book 3.....Fun Coloring!
Disasters Coloring Book.....Fun Coloring!

Even More Great Sites - Tim Powell, Lori Powell, & Lucky's Mississippi R. Travels
Indiana Waterways Home - by Jerry Hay, well known author & riverlorian
Duckworks Magazine - Duckworks Online Magazine - The Best
Messing About In Boats - Best magazine for Voyage Storys & Useful Tips
Heartland Boating - Great magazine for marina profiles, places to go, tips
Big River Magazine - Mississippi River Storys & News
Tom Swift Books - Inventions for Our Future!
Little River Books - Books & River Info Galore!
Trade Only - Digital Edition - Boat Manufacturers Trade Mag!
Boatbuilding - Boat Builders Info
Mnfg. of C-Dory Boats - Best Voyaging Boat Available
Canals and Waterways - Good Ref. site for Canals and Waterways
Submarine History - History and Parts of the Submarine
The Marine Web - Boats, Yachts, Marine Services; Very large inclusive site
Best Boating Resources - Links to the Best Boating Resources on the web
Yacht Clubs Index - Links to all U.S. Yacht Clubs with websites
Houseboating World - The Houseboaters favorite site
Louisiana Trawlers - Charles & Pat Culotta Voyages - A voyaging information depot - possibly the best on the web!
Mississippi River Home Page - Biggest Mississippi River Site on the web!
VFW Post 119, Gulfport, MS ... Lots of good stuff, by State
America's Waterway Watch - Help Keep Our Waterways Secure
All Area Codes - General Usage
U.S. Zip Codes - General Usage

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