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(.... it don't hurt to dream!)

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New Fleet Addition - "Tim & Dave's Forestry Division", a division of "Tim & Dan's Delivery Service LLC" has recently received a tip on a suspect wildlife picture poacher. If anyone has any information on this criminal please call our tip line "J.E.F.F."

Honcho - Latest Fleet Addition

Building one thing or another since 1949. Messing around in boats since 1954. Programming computers since 1968.

- Custom Marine Construction

- Specialized Voyaging

- Innovative Software

- Other

1 - Not a company, just 2 guys bragging a little (ok, A LOT!)
Married, good health, slightly ... ok, very eccentric. Most work done for low fees or free. If you pay us, guaranteed satisfaction or money back. If you are a corporation or government entity, will charge the going rate minus 15%, and will furnish refs, etc., if made to.

Tim Powell and Dave Wilson
Riverbird Services of Blue Heron Wings
A division of Tim & Dan's Delivery Service LLC

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