Commercial Vessels

Delta Queen, Ron Richardson

If your journey will include major waterways, you will encounter commercial transporters of both goods and passengers. Both danger and photographic opportunity is at hand. On my own first few voyages, I was not properly prepared for either. This section will list most of the vessels and transport lines in the U.S., as of the 2006 reporting year. I "stumbled upon" this downloadable data source at the USACE Navigation Data Center, and thought it would be a worthwhile addition to the site as a matter of interest for your voyages. I find it fun to log the vessel name, company, date and river mile, as well as to take a series of pictures of these magnificient machines. The captains can be a great source of information as well ... use proper radio procedure and you'll have no problems.

Our photo database contains pictures of many these vessels, and Dick's Towboat Gallery contains many more. Both we and he would welcome your photos.

as a matter of interest ....

International Classification of Ships by Type (ICST Codes)

Code Type of Vessel
114 Liquid Oil Tanker (Oil / Chemical)
120 Liquid Chemical Tanker
139 Liquid Gas Carrier (Other)
141 Liquid Tank Barge (Single Hull)
142 Liquid Tank Barge (Double Hull)
143 Liquid Tank Barge (Double Sided Only)
144 Liquid Tank Barge (Double Bottom Only)
149 Liquid Tank Barge (Other)
199 Liquid Other Tanker
229 Dry Bulk (Other) Carrier
310 Containership (Specialized)
321 Barge Carrier (Specialized)
325 Vehicle Carrier (Specialized)
329 Other Carriers (Specialized)
333 General Cargo RO-RO / Container
334 Other RO-RO Cargo (General Cargo)
335 General Cargo / Passenger
336 General Cargo / Container
341 Dry Cargo Deck Barge
343 Dry Cargo Lash / Seabee Barge
344 Open Dry Cargo Barge
345 Dry Cargo Covered Barge
349 Dry Cargo Other Barge
351 Passenger (Cruise)
359 Passenger (Other) ...
422 Offshore Support Vessel
431 Tugboat
432 Pushboat

USCG - Vessels By Name
USCG - Vessels By ID
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Dick's Towboat Gallery .....Richard Dunbar