Virtual Voyagers

New Virtual Voyagers Are Here!! Google maps have never been used better than to traverse every mile of our glorious rivers! On each new Google map is a button that may be clicked for a Bing map at the corresponding map center. More rivers have been added, some with half mile and 1/10th mile points, as well as an optional button for upstream or downstream reference. From canoes and kayaks to sailboats and towboats, we've got your route covered. Please note that the information presented, including the navigation charts, are not current or up to date and should never be used for navigational purposes, but only as an aide in planning your voyage.

Alabama River    Allegheny River    Apalachicola River    Arkansas River    Atchafalaya River    Lo-Atchafalaya R, above Berwick    Lo-Atchafalaya R, MC to Gulf    Barataria Bay Waterway    Barren River    Bayou Black    Bayou Lafourche    Bayou Segnette    Bayou Teche    Berwick Bay    Big Black River    Big Muddy River    Big Sandy River    Black Warrior River    Black Warrior - Locust Fork    Black Warrior - Mulberry Fork    Buck Creek (Ohio)    Buffalo River (TN)    Cahaba River    Calcasieu River    Canadian River    Caney Fork River    Chattahoochee River    Clearwater River    Clinch River    Columbia River    Cumberland River    Duck River    Elk River    Empire Waterway    Flint River    Flint River (Tennessee)    Freshwater Bayou    Gasconade River    Green River    Gulf Intracoastal WW - East    Gulf Intracoastal WW - West    Gulf Intracoastal WW - PAR    Gulf Intracoastal WW - Algiers Canal    Guyandot River    Harpeth River    Hiwassee River    Hocking River    Holston River    Houma Navigation Channel    Illinois River/Waterway    Illinois Waterway - North Canal    Illinois Waterway - SAG Canal    Kanawha River    Kaskaskia River    Kentucky River    Kiskiminetas River    Licking River    Little River    Little Kanawha River    Little Miami River    Little Sandy River    Little Tennessee River    Loosahatchie River    Mermentau River    Miami River    Minnesota River    Mississippi River (Upper)    Mississippi River (Lower)    Gulf Outlet (Miss)    Pass A Loutre (Miss)    South Pass (Miss)    Southwest Pass (Miss)    Tiger Pass (Miss)    Missouri River    Mobile River    Monongahela River    Muskingum River    Obey River    Obion River    Ohio River    Old River    Osage River    Ouachita/Black River    Paint Rock River    Piney River (Middle TN)    Red River    Red River (Cumberland)    Roaring River    Rock River    Saline River    Savannah River    Sequatchie River    Snake River    St Croix River    St Johns River    Station Camp Creek (Cumberland)    Stones River    Tennessee River    Tenn-Tom Waterway    Tradewater River    Wabash River    West Pearl River    White River    Wolf River    Wyaconda River    Yazoo River   

By selecting the river or waterway in this table, you will be able to view it mile-by-mile, and select points of interest for some, but not all. You can zoom in and out for the level of detail desired, pan, or drag the picture and traverse your favorite tributary stream. If you live near a river, you can find your own house. Enjoy!

NOTE 1: WARNING - Do not use these maps for navigation purposes. They are intended as a planning aide only. Please read legal disclaimers.
NOTE 2: Mile Location coordinates were obtained from various sources. The USACE Data Center provided them for Navigable Inland Waterways. In some cases, on smaller waterways, USGS topographic maps were used. Where no official source was available, or the data was questionable, Google Maps were used to computer generate coordinates. No account was made for elevation differences, or political boundaries. Contact the site admin if you need assistance with point coordinates of any length for streams, trails, paths, or roads in your area.

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Data Center
  • Jerry Hay and his "Wabash River Guide Book"
  • Google Developers Resource Team