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Here we hope your dreams of Voyaging can come closer to reality. I believe the inland waters of America are an underutilized source of Peace and Tranquility for all of us. During the week, one can travel twenty miles on most rivers without seeing another human being. At hull speeds, animals are not startled as you pass, banks are not washed away in your wake, the driftwood just ahead can be avoided, lower horsepower is required, and gas consumption is nill and affordable. The busy pace of your life gently slips away and is replaced with a serenity that mystifys.

A succesful journey of more than a weekend, whether in a kayak or a yacht, requires knowledge and careful planning. It has been said that the planning can be as rewarding as the trip. The payoff is much greater than you think. Each successful trip brings a lifetime of good memories; of places, events, and new friends you've met. Enjoy.

Stream of the Month:  Boat and wade 100 miles to the source of the Red River of TN

Recently Added:  Construction of a Pontoon Sternwheeler by a Gentleman in Tennessee

Fighting Islam:  Political Islam is the most dangerous threat to freedom America and the rest of the world has ever seen. The best way to defeat it is to educate yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors as to it's dangers. Learn, and fight back before it's too late.

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In Memory - Carl Maurer
In Memory of Carl Maurer

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